Client Services

CRS is a full service, client specific solutions provider. With CRS, you’ll have a dedicated Client Service Manager continually seeking ways to improve our process and save you money. Having a dedicated Client Service Manager means you will always get the same person on the phone, someone who knows and cares about your business. We know that building a relationship with you is vital to our mutual success.

This means that we’re always willing to discuss the special needs of your business. Our experience has given us a unique perspective into the pitfalls and the challenges of special projects, mass mailers, and rollouts. With our extensive industry experience, we can foresee and avoid the problems that lead to waste and stress.

Initiate a special project request with your Client Services Manager. We’ll draw up a custom proposal including the best shipping rates available within the timeframe desired and consult with you on any possible improvements or problems before beginning the project.

Many of the services you’re used to thinking of as special needs are everyday jobs for us:

  • Kitting
  • Packaging
  • Special promotions and buybacks
  • Repackaging
  • Product reconditioning
  • Custom reporting

Case Study

A buyback problem

A shipment of drills came in as a buyback and the manufacturer didn’t know what to do with them.

Buybacks often cause stress for smaller manufacturers. They’re something outside of the usual routine, and finding the time to make decisions and deal with them usually has to come from time already allocated elsewhere.

The manufacturer didn’t really want to have the product returned to their facility. Bringing them in, fixing them, and then starting all over with the packaging and logistics – they thought it might be better to dump them and accept the costs. They asked CRS for a solution.

CRS opened all the packages, reconditioned the drills, repackaged and relabeled the product, and got them back into circulation. The problem was solved without disruption of the manufacturer’s workflow.

Problems come up. Solving them is something CRS does well.

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